Lost: The Complete First Season: Volume 1
Oprindelses land:  Nord Amerika
Produktions år: 2005
Bedømmelse: 15 Śr(Film)
UPC [Lokal]: Disc ID: A9F8-42F8-CE7D-5F16
Spille tid: 2:41 (161 Min.)
Kassette: Keep Case
Format: PAL, Color, 1.78:1 Anamorphic Bredformat
DVD Format: Enkelt side, Dobbelt siddet
Udgivet: 01/November, 2005
Samlings type: Ejet
Status: Tilgængelig
Købs dato: 24/October, 2006
Købs pris: Skjult
Anmeldelse (film): 0 / 10
Anmeldelse (video): 0 / 10
Episode 1 - Pilot
During a routine trip from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles, Oceanic flight 815 is blown off course and crashes on a remote, deserted island. Convinced that rescue is coming soon, the surviving passengers set up camp on the beach and try to make the most of what they think will only be a short time on the island. One of the 48 survivors, Dr. Jack Shephard, suggests that they find the transceiver in the front of the plane so they can radio for help. But when a terrifying howl comes from the jungle, it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary island.

Episode 2 - Pilot Part 2
Jack, along with fellow passengers Charlie and Kate, returns to the beach camp with the transceiver they've found. Sayid, a former military communications officer, gets the transceiver working but tells the others he can get better reception if they head to higher ground. When they get there, they pick up a mysterious broadcast, prompting Charlie to ask the question everybody has been thinking - "Where are we?"

Episode 3 - Tabula Rasa
Jack discovers that the injured man he has been trying to save is a U.S. Marshal. "Don't trust her, she's dangerous," the Marshal mutters repeatedly. When Jack asks him who "she" is, the Marshal shows him a picture of Kate, the woman Jack's been spending a lot of time with. On another part of the island, single father Michael questions his son about a conversation he had with another passenger - Locke.

Episode 4 - Walkabout
A series of flashbacks reveals a secret that Locke has kept hidden from the other passengers. Meanwhile, the bodies inside the plane need to be disposed of, but how? Jack decides the most effective way of doing so, but it's grisly. When the castaways realize that the food supply is running out, Locke has a suggestion.
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Lost: The Complete First Season: Volume 1
Lost: The Complete First Season: Volume 1
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Engelsk  Dolby Digital 5.1
Tysk  Dolby Digital 5.1
Fransk  Dolby Digital Surround
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Madison....Vincent the Dog
Naveen Andrews....Sayid Jarrah
L. Scott Caldwell....Rose
Emilie de Ravin....Claire Littleton
Fredric Lehne....Marshal Edward Mars
Matthew Fox....Dr. Jack Shephard
Jorge Garcia....Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Maggie Grace....Shannon Rutherford
Josh Holloway....James "Sawyer" Ford
Kimberley Joseph....Cindy
Jonathan Dixon....Flight Attendant #3
Daniel Dae Kim....Jin Kwon
Michelle Arthur....Flight Attendant #2
Yoon-jin Kim....Sun Kwon
Barbara Vidinha-Tyler....Woman
Dominic Monaghan....Charlie Pace
Malcolm David Kelley....Walt Lloyd
Terry O'Quinn....John Locke
Harold Perrineau....Michael Dawson
Dale Radomski....Tourniquet Man
Geoff Heise....Man
Evangeline Lilly....Kate Austen
Daniel A. Ortiz....Passenger
Cynthia Watros....Libby
Ian Somerhalder....Boone Carlyle
Faith Fay....Survivior
Nick Tate....Ray Mullen
Andrea Gabriel....Nadia
Billy Ray Gallion....Randy
John Simon Jones....Travel Agent
Stephen J. Rafferty....Warren