Friends Season 06 Episodes 17-24
Oprindelses land:  Nord Amerika
Produktions år: 2000
Bedømmelse: Bedømmelse
UPC [Lokal]: 7-321979-185813
Spille tid: 3:18 (198 Min.)
Kassette: Snapper
Format: PAL, [Color status unset], 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD Format: Enkelt side, Enkelt siddet
Udgivet: 27/November, 2000
Samlings type: Ejet (#584)
Status: Tilgængelig
Købs dato: 05/October, 2007
Købs pris: Skjult
Anmeldelse (film): 0 / 10
Anmeldelse (video): 0 / 10
The One With Unagi
Having agreed to give each other home-made anniversary gifts, a desperate Chandler (Matthew Perry) presents Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) with a gift which was given to him by a former girlfriend. Meanwhile Joey (Matt Le Blanc), hires a look-a-like fellow actor to pose as his identical twin so that he can participate in a medical experiment and get $2,000.

The One Where Ross Dates A Student
Ross (David Schwimmer) flirts with danger when he toys with dating one of his attractive students (guest star Alexandra Holden). After a fire partially burns their apartment, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) seeks Joey's help to prove to Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) that it was not started by her curling iron.

The One With Joey's Fridge
When Rachel needs a date for a fashionable charity event, Monica and Phoebe compete to see who can find the most eligible escort for her. Meanwhile Ross obsesses over his new girlfriend's plans to spend spring break with her hedonistic buddies on a Florida beach and Joey tries to con the gang into buying him a new fridge.

The One With Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.
Joey is very excited when he's one of the final candidates to star in a television series as a detective who solves crimes with his robot partner, but his chances are aren't improved when Chandler forgets to scribble down the message that the audition time has changed. His ordeal sparks of many memorable and bizarre flashbacks.

The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad
Special Guest Star Bruce Willis
Ross dreads meeting the disapproving father (Willis) of his college girlfriend so he asks the gang along to talk him up. Elsewhere, Joey's enthusiasm about having landed his starring role in a new TV series proves disastrous.

The One Where Paul's The Man
Despite Paul's (Bruce Willis) threats of having Ross fired for dating his student daughter, Ross and Elizabeth secretly head off to her family's mountain cabin. Unbeknown to them, Paul and Rachel have had exactly the same romantic plan! Chandler freaks out when he accidentally discovers that Monica has reserved a museum for their wedding.

The One With The Ring
After finally deciding that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Monica, Chandler asks Phoebe to help him choose a ring. Meanwhile, Rachel regrets having delved deep into Paul's past, prompting him gushing with tortured memories.

The One With The Proposal
Special Double Length Finale
The big evening has arrived and Chandler arranges to take Monica to her favourite restaurant. Just before he pops the question, Richard (special guest star Tom Selleck) shows up and spoils Chandler's plans. The following day, Richard tells Monica that he still loves her. In a race against time, a desperate Chandler searches New York for Monica. Will he find her in time, or has he lost her forever?
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Friends Season 06 Episodes 17-24
Friends Season 06 Episodes 17-24
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Produktions studier:
 • Warner Bros.
Lyd format
Engelsk  Dolby Digital 2-kanals stereo
Fransk  Dolby Digital 2-kanals stereo
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Jennifer Aniston....Rachel Karen Green
Courteney Cox Arquette....Monica Geller
Lisa Kudrow....Phoebe Buffay
Matt LeBlanc....Joey Tribbiani
Matthew Perry....Chandler Bing
David Schwimmer....Ross Geller
Bruce Willis....Elisabeth's Dad
Mongo Brownlee....Instructor
Louis Mandylor....Carl
Jill Matson....Receptionist
Ron Recasner....Doctor
James Michael Tyler....Gunther
Maggie Wheeler....Janice Litman (Stemme)
Preston James Hillier....Joey Clone (ukrediteret)
Louisa Abernathy....Lydia
Alexandra Holden....Elizabeth Stevens
Bess Meyer....Dana Keystone
David Moreland....Mel
Richard Roat....Burt
David Warshofsky....Fireman #2
Greg Wrangler....Fireman #1
Jim Bentley....Prof. Friesen
Hunter Cochran....Guy #1
Josh Coxx....Eldad
Chris Kennedy....Patrick
Scott Paetty....Sebastian
Andrew Bilgore....Wayne
June Gable....Estelle Leonard
Brad Koepenick....The Producer
Chad Wingerd....Patron
Merrin Dungey....Hildy the Museum Official
Susie Park....Dry Cleaner's Wife
Ilia Volokh....Dry Cleaner
Brian Dunkleman....Customer
Oliver Muirhead....Jeweler
John Apicella....Mr. Bowmont
Hunter Cochran....The Second Dorm Guy
Steve Hytner....Mr. Thompson
Tori McPetrie....Sarah
Tony Nichols....The Maitre D'
Natasha Pearce....Zoe
Anil Raman....First Dorm Guy
Jacqueline Schultz....Lisa
Tom Selleck....Dr. Richard Burke