Friends Season 06 Episodes 01-08
Oprindelses land:  Nord Amerika
Produktions år: 1999
Bedømmelse: Bedømmelse
UPC [Lokal]: 7-321979-185790
Spille tid: 2:56 (176 Min.)
Kassette: Snapper
Format: PAL, [Color status unset], 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD Format: Enkelt side, Enkelt siddet
Udgivet: 28/November, 2000
Samlings type: Ejet (#582)
Status: Tilgængelig
Købs dato: 05/October, 2007
Købs pris: Skjult
Anmeldelse (film): 0 / 10
Anmeldelse (video): 0 / 10
The One After Vegas
A hung-over Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) join the gang fro breakfast in the hotel and are shocked to discover that they are husband and wife. Meanwhile, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) convinces Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) to drive back to New York with him in her cab.

The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
When Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) tell Rachel that they are moving in together, she mistakenly believes that this means that the three of them will now be flatmates. Phoebe discovers that Ross has not annulled his marriage to Rachel.

The One With Ross's Denial
Monica and Chandler argue about what they will do with Rachel's room after she has moved out. Meanwhile, Ross offers the homeless Rachel his spare room and Joey decides that his new roommate should be a beautiful woman.

The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance
Just as Joey discovers that his health insurance has lapsed due to lack of work, he gets a hernia whilst lifting weights. Phoebe plans to make the most of her last days on Earth when a clairvoyant tells her she's going to die.

The One With Joey's Porsche
After discovering that she is still married to Ross, Rachel tries to convince the Judge to annul the marriage on the basis of Ross's mental instability. Meanwhile, Joey finds a set of keys to a Porsche parked outside Central Perk and tries to impress passing girls, pretending that the car is his.

The One On The Last Night
Whilst boxing up Rachel's belongings, the girls reminisce about their time spent room-mates. Chandler and Joey spend their final night together playing "Cups".

The One Where Phoebe Runs
Rachel regrets asking Phoebe to jog with her when she attracts unwanted attention with her gangly and uncoordinated movements. Meanwhile the guys get very excited about Joey's sexy new room-mate (guest star, supermodel Elle Macpherson).

The One With Ross's Teeth
Phoebe spreads a rumour that Rachel's boss, fashion designer Ralph Lauren, made a romantic pass at her in the photocopy room. Ross is so excited about his date with Monica's colleague, he decides to improve upon his appearance by bleaching his teeth.
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Friends Season 06 Episodes 01-08
Friends Season 06 Episodes 01-08
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 • Werner Bros. Television
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Engelsk  Dolby Digital 2-kanals stereo
Fransk  Dolby Digital 2-kanals stereo
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Jennifer Aniston....Rachel Green
Courteney Cox Arquette....Monica Geller
Lisa Kudrow....Phoebe Buffay
Matthew Perry....Chandler Bing
Matt LeBlanc....Joey Tribbiani
David Schwimmer....Ross Geller
Bill Stevenson....Rick
Nina Mann....The Attendant
Rick Pasqualone....The Groupier
Ron Glass....Russell
Alex Kapp Horner....Stephanie
Tembi Locke....Karin
Janelle Paradee....Meg
James Michael Tyler....Gunther
Brooke Boisse....The Potential Roommate
June Gable....Estelle
Christopher Darga....The Director
Kim Harris....Casting Director #1
Joe Everett Michaels....Casting Director #3
Rick Fitts....The Professor
Ian Meltzer....Alex
Michael Naughton....The Student
Matt Bellner....The Crew Member
Conchata Ferrell....The Judge
Kevin Ruf....The Porsche Owner
Charity Nicole James....The Woman
Shane Nickerson....Guy #1
Dennis Singletary....Guy #2
Steve Pierce....The Passerby
Elle MacPherson....Janine
Joanna Gleason....Kim
Ralph Lauren....Himself
Missi Pyle....Hillary